THE HISTORY OF SHANNON ESTATE A legacy from 1900 – today

Peter Wall is proud of his historic estate. He acquired Shannon in 1967 and immediately engaged architect Arthur Erickson to create the newer housing that currently surrounds the Mansion.

Today, Peter Wall’s first responsibility to the Shannon Estate is to the Mansion and how it will relate to the surrounding gardens. The story of the meticulous restoration and revitalization of this grand estate is shown here. 


The Shannon Estate is envisioned in the Beaux Arts style by Somervell & Putnam Architects, as represented by the sketch here. The Gate House and perimeter stone wall are built first.

The development of Shannon Mirrors the development of a city

In the ‘20s and ’30s, high-society concerts, including the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, weddings and social gatherings, drew Vancouverites to Shannon. This magical estate evolved into a cultural landscape, a place with sophisticated heritage stature, valued for enriching a city over time.


The grand interiors of the Mansion are completed and it becomes a prized venue for cultural events.

Shannon Estate From the 1960's to the present

In the ‘60s and ’70s, the Shannon Estate and Mews goes through a period of renovation and is designated a class “A” heritage site by the City of Vancouver - a testament to the significance of its original grand structures, stone wall and gardens.

This redevelopment and renovation continues until today.


Peter Wall purchases the property and commences the Shannon Mews development, adding West Coast style to the neighbourhood, with more opportunities to experience living at Shannon.


Renovations of the existing structures include reconfigurations into new apartment suites. Architect Arthur Erickson’s newly designed buildings in a West Coast contemporary style are added to the property under the ownership of Wall Financial.

Today, Shannon Wall Centre Kerrisdale celebrates the property once again. A new collection of luxury estate residences will further the legacy, offering a distinctive Vancouver West Side address and lifestyle, in keeping with the times.

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